Pre-engineered Kitchen Sytems

Fires involving commercial cooking equipment are a significant part of the North American fire problem.  Fifty-five percent of structure fires in establishments with a devoted kitchen/eating area begin in the kitchen or cooking section.

Empire Fire Protection Services offers complete service from design to project management as well as installation and inspection for all non-water based custom engineered and pre-engineered fire suppression systems.

Annual and semi-annual inspections include:

  • Visual inspection to determine whether the hood system has been tampered with or leaked down
  • UL-300 Compliance Review
  • Installation of current fusible links
  • Clean / de-grease nozzles
  • Check cylinder condition and hydrostatic test date
  • Ensure pipe and conduit are secure
  • Inspect linkage for cable fraying
  • Inspect regulator test date
  • Inspect pull station
  • Check chemical type and quantity
  • Verify gas valve operation and shutdown
  • Weigh activation cartridges as necessary or replace as required
  • Full function test of system to verify electric shutdown operation
  • Trip testing of automatic detection cables to ensure reliability
  • Verification of fire alarm activation (where connected to an alarm)
  • Verification that grease producing cooking appliances are protected

To prevent contamination of public water supplies, many health regulatory regimes require backflow prevention device between the public water supply and your facilities. 

Empire Fire Protection Services will perform inspections and submit required paperwork to local authorities.